NIMJN’s Republishing Policy - Aug 01, 2023

​Like an article produced by our reporters on our website and want to republish it on your platform? Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Let us know

Just shoot us an email at [email protected] expressing your interest with the title of the story you want to republish, a brief introduction to your outlet, and the URL address of your website where you will be reposting.

Step 2: Republish it!  But only after ensuring that the following criteria have been met

  1. No changes to the headline of the story: It should appear exactly as it was published on our website
  2. Author byline should be written in one of the following ways:

Option A: Reporter Name/NIMJN

Option B: Reporter Name for NIMJN

  1. The photos should be credited in the same way as it appears on our website.
  2. After the lead (or the first paragraph) one of the following logos must appear, based on the category/slug name under which the story has been published on our website.

        a. For stories published under the NIMJN Investigations slug, use the following logo: 

A logo with blue and grey letters

Description automatically generated​ 

  b. For stories published under the NIMJN Features slug, use the following logo:

    c. For stories published under the NIMJN DEI in Focus slug, use the following logo:


      5. And finally, at the end of the story, mention the following:

       "This story was originally published in at ‘Replace with direct link to the story on our website.’"