NIMJN Talk: Reporting on Human Trafficking Comments

Nepal Investigative Multimedia Journalism Network (NIMJN) organized the ‘NIMJN Talk: Reporting on Human Trafficking on July 30, 2023. This session was organized to commemorate the 'World Day Against Trafficking in Persons'. The main objective of this event was to learn about the experience of journalists during their reporting of human trafficking and about how NIMJN can improve its training module for human trafficking reporting. This event was conducted virtually via Zoom and it had a total of 27 participants.

The session proceeded as an interactive discussion with all the participating journalists, where they also shared their insights, experiences, and challenges that they had during their reporting on this issue. 

The following points were brought up by the participants during the discussion, which have been summarized and paraphrased for brevity:

  • Human trafficking in Nepal, cross-border trafficking as well as trafficking from the village and remote parts of the country to the city and its routes
  • The deeply organized nature of the human trafficking system
  • The importance of discussing the safety of journalists while doing human trafficking reporting
  • Importance of multimedia training and data story-telling while presenting human trafficking stories
  • Various techniques and tips can be utilized while doing field reporting on sensitive and risky topics like human trafficking
  • Importance of learning interview techniques, collaboration, document safety, human trafficking survivor safety, and personal safety while doing human trafficking reporting
  • Importance of prioritizing the human trafficking survivors while doing stories on them, which includes paying attention to their consent, comfort, privacy, mental health, and confidentiality.
  • Ways to visually document the scenes while working on such sensitive and risky stories