NIMJN Talk: Fighting Misinformation in South Asia Jan 27, 2023 Comments

This Talk included five panelists from South Asia (Zahed Arman, the Founder & Chairman of BD FactCheck in Bangladesh, Farieha Aziz, a journalist and Co-founder of Bolo Bhi, Pakistan, Ahmed Azaan, Co-founder of in Maldives, Pamposh Raina, Independent Journalist from India, and Dilrukhshi Handunnetti, Executive Director of CIR in Sri Lanka.) The panelists discussed and shared about fighting misinformation during this COVID-19 pandemic, and the challenges, approaches, and methods used in South Asia.

Rajneesh Bhandari, Chief Editor and CEO, of NIMJN, moderated the program and also shared Nepal's landscape in the fight against misinformation during this COVID-19 pandemic. It had a total of 28 participants. At the end of the program, participants were able to learn about the tools and techniques used for fact-checking and the importance of fact-checking in the pandemic. The program was also streamed live on Facebook.

The link to the live stream can be found here: