Sunita Sakhakarmi

Sunita Sakhakarmi Sunita Sakhakarmi Investigative Reporting Fellow

Sunita Sakhakarmi is one of the recipients of NIMJN’s Investigative Reporting Fellowship. Sunita has experience covering a wide range of topics, including entertainment, social issues, politics, and climate change. She has worked as a reporter and correspondent for various media outlets in Nepal including Kantipur National Daily and Techpana. Sunita has also received the ‘Climate Warrior Award’ in 2022. She is also proficient in multimedia reporting and has created documentaries like the ‘Price of Thirst’, which was showcased at the World Health Organization’s The Health for All Film Festival, Human Rights Film Festival, and Femi Films. At NIMJN, Sunita will be exploring the Organized Crime beat through the lens of investigative journalism during her fellowship.

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