Laxmi Chaudhary

Laxmi Chaudhary Laxmi Chaudhary NIMJN Human Trafficking Reporting Fellow

Laxmi Chaudhary is one of the recipients of the NIMJN Human Trafficking Reporting Fellowship from Madhesh province. This fellowship was open to the training participants of the NIMJN’s Reporting on Human Trafficking and Human Rights using Multimedia Tools training held in Janakpur, supported by Australian Aid. Laxmi was selected based on her story idea related to human trafficking issues in Madhesh province. Laxmi has been doing journalism for the past 6 years in the Dhanusha district of Madhesh province and has an overall experience of 11 years in the field. Born in the Tharu community of Kailali district, she started her journalism career in Kathmandu at an online news portal. She then moved on to the roles of desk editor, field reporter, camera handling, video editor, and then eventually joined the print media. She is currently working as a daily correspondent for Gorkhapatra Daily. Her reporting areas of special interest include working on issues related Dalit community, and issues related to those who don’t have proper access to education. She is also interested in doing in-depth reporting and investigative reporting on various issues and looks forward to learning more about it through this fellowship.

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