Madhab Basnet

Madhab Basnet Madhab Basnet Investigative Journalist

Madhab Basnet is an Editor for Home - नेपाल मुहार ( He has been reporting for the national media with a special focus on political parties, disasters, socio-economic and geo-political affairs, and accountability within the nation. He worked for Janaastha Weekly, Drishti Weekly, Tarun Weekly, Kantipur publications, Nepal Magazine,,, and other Nepali media outlets. He has been following Maoist, from the war peace process to the present. Further, he has worked as a lead reporter for Nepal's integrity and accountability and has co-authored two books: Former Ministry Radhakrishna Mainali NALEKHIEKO ITIHAS and Pro. Ph.D. Yubaraj Sangraula GORKHA DRIGED (ad. 1814—2014) NEPALI YUBA MATHI 2 SAYA BARSAKO SHOSAN.