NIMJN's Child Protection Policy Apr 7, 2023

Child Protection Policy


For the Child Protection Policy, NIMJN adheres to the protection policies under the Journalists’ Code of Conduct 2016 (amended 2076 (2019)), which are:

Social responsibility

Journalists and mass media should render special assistance, through the dissemination of information, towards the uplift and development of children.

Keeping the sensitivity of children in mind, the following actions should not be taken when collecting and disseminating news and information about children and minors:

  • Collection and transmission of news that may harm children in the short or long term
  • Disclosure of privacy contrary to the principles of child justice while disseminating news items about children on illegal work or children’s wrongdoing.
  • Directly or indirectly engaging children while disseminating news about the criminal offense of their parents or family members. 
  • Interviewing or photographing minors and children under the age of 16 without the permission of their parents, guardians, or family.